Wednesday 22 November 2017

Dub star Denis Bastick car stolen and tickets in the lead-up to final showdown

Denis Bastick
Denis Bastick

A member of Dublin's All-Ireland-winning football panel has revealed that his car was stolen in the week building up to Sunday's final.

Midfielder Denis Bastick (34), who won his third All-Ireland medal following the victory over Kerry, told how the car was taken last Monday.

"I woke up on Monday morning and the car had been stolen from the driveway," he said.

"Two guys had fished the keys out through the letterbox and took off with the car, buggy and cash from the tickets from the All-Ireland final."

Each player is allocated a number of tickets for the final, with squad members having to pay for them.

Bastick who has been a member of the Dublin senior men's panel since 2009, said the theft had been a distraction in the lead-up to the big match.

"I was dealing with that for the early part of the week," he said.


"The gardai were great and they actually ended up getting word that the car was in Celbridge with new plates on it, ready to be sold and moved on."

The car was eventually recovered by gardai and was returned to the midfielder ahead of the game.

"So I got it back there at the end of the week," he said.

"It's kind of both ways - from filling out insurance claim forms and talking to people on the phone and stuff, it took my mind off the game itself."

Bastick also told how the invasion of privacy had "upset things at home", but he was all smiles again having lifted the Sam Maguire Cup for a third time in five years.

"You feel invaded and stuff like that, but lucky enough the gardai were great and we have the car back with just a small bit of damage.

"But, yeah. A nice little teaser to throw in the mix the week of an All-Ireland final."

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