Monday 19 August 2019

Drunken teen had €50 left of stolen €12,000

A TEENAGER who stole €12,000 from a shop's office during an drunken "opportunistic" theft has been remanded in custody pending sentencing.

Yesterday he appeared again at Dublin Children's Court which had issued a warrant for his arrest two weeks previously.

He did not apply for bail and Judge John O'Connor remanded him in custody for one week. It is also expected that other charges he has picked up in Bray, Navan and Mullingar will also be before the court for finalisation at his next hearing.

The 17-year-old had already spent time in custody on remand but in July, after begging for a chance to co-operate with the Probation Service, he had been granted bail.

He had been warned that if he didn't comply, it was likely he would face a custodial sentence. The Probation Service has already found him to be at "a high risk of re-offending".

But he skipped court on September 5 when the court was told his pre-sentence report was not positive.

He has pleaded guilty to stealing the money from a shop's cash office in south west Dublin in 2012, when he was aged 15.


The boy, who has been described as being associated with criminals, had just €50 left the morning after the theft and says he does not know what happened to the rest of the money

At an earlier stage in the proceedings Judge O'Connor had said he found it "hard to believe" the teen's inability to explain where the missing cash had gone, and he had to assume it was related to the boy's drug problem.

The juvenile court has heard that the boy began smoking cannabis when he was aged 13 and later started on alcohol.

Garda Edel Noone had told the court that the boy was identified from CCTV footage and he made admissions after he was arrested.

The defence had said earlier that the teenager was drunk at the time and the theft was "purely opportunistic".

"He woke up the next morning and there was a very small amount of money on his person, less than €50," his lawyer said.

The court had heard earlier that at the time of the offence he had been "under pressure in terms of his substance misuse".

The death of a relative also had an impact on his behaviour and "matters spiralled out of control".

Judge O'Connor said that the teen's drug taking as well has his involvement with "criminal groups" were serious issues.


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