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Drunk lucky to be alive after train platform fall

A DRUNKEN man was lucky to escape with his life when he fell between a moving train and a platform at a Dublin station.

These shocking images show the man stumbling towards the train and then falling against it before collapsing into the gap between the carriage and the platform edge.

A spokesperson for Irish Rail said the man staggered forward at Donabate Station thinking the train had stopped.

He then tried to board the train as it was still moving.

Passengers getting off spotted him and ran to his aid, helping him up from the gap into which he had fallen.

The driver was unaware of the incident until he saw the group of passengers at the side of the train and went to investigate.


According to the driver, the man was very unsteady on his feet, and said he was going to Howth Junction. However, he was on the wrong platform for that destination.

The driver then got in touch with Irish Rail's traffic regulator and sought garda assistance.

The incident happened on Thursday, March 19 as the 8.44pm Pearse to Drogheda service was arriving at the station.

Irish Rail said the man was later taken to court for being intoxicated on railway property.

He was ordered to pay €100 to the Simon Community and €100 in legal costs to the CIE Group.

In a separate incident, Irish Rail has apologised after passengers were delayed for an hour because a man who had the wrong ticket would not get off a train.

The passengers on last Wednesday's 9.10am Maynooth to Pearse service had to leave the train at Ashtown because he would not get off.

The man, who is known to Irish Rail's ticket inspecting Revenue Protection Unit (RPU), was then taken on the train to the Docklands station in Dublin where gardai were waiting for him.

The incident happened when many commuters were on their way to work, school and college.

They had to wait for the next train and experienced delays as a result.

RPU officers reported that they were on board the train and apprehended a man who was travelling with the wrong ticket.

They said he has a number of outstanding fines against him and is being investigated by gardai after several violent incidents against Revenue Protection officers.

"He became verbally abusive towards Revenue Protection Officers," an Irish Rail spokesperson said.