Friday 18 January 2019

Drugs man fined despite offer to donate birthday cash

Judge refused Paul Bradshaw’s offer to give €350 to charity
Judge refused Paul Bradshaw’s offer to give €350 to charity

A drugs user caught with cannabis hidden in his clothes has been fined despite offering to donate his birthday present money to charity.

Paul Bradshaw (24) had seven bags of cannabis worth €350 on him when the car he was travelling in as a passenger was stopped and searched by gardai, a court heard.

Bradshaw, of Ventry Park, Cabra, appeared at Blanchardstown District Court on his birthday with €350 that he said he had received as gifts.

He offered to donate the money to charity if Judge David McHugh would leave him without a conviction.

However, the judge fined him €100 for the sale and supply of drugs and took the charge of being in possession of drugs into consideration.

"He had seven deals and a fine is security for the public out there," said Judge McHugh.

Bradshaw pleaded guilty to being in unlawful possession of cannabis for sale or supply at St Attracta Road, Cabra, last May 7. He also admitted being in possession of the cannabis.


Gda JP Murray told the court that Bradshaw was a passenger in a car that was pulled over. The vehicle and the people in it were searched and Bradshaw was found to have seven bags of cannabis concealed in his clothing.

"He wasn't arrested due to medical reasons at the time," said Gda Murray, adding that he was arrested at a later date.

Bradshaw, who has no previous convictions, was selling the drugs but not to make a profit, his solicitor said.

"He was using the money from the sale of the drugs to buy more drugs for his own personal use," the lawyer said.

The hearing was told that Bradshaw has stopped selling drugs and had apologised for his actions.

"It's his birthday today and he has €350 birthday money with him if the court is minded to consider a charitable donation," the solicitor said.

Refusing the request, Judge McHugh said: "It's not the value of the fine that's significant here, it's that he now has a criminal record for selling and supplying drugs.

"If he is caught again he will be facing custody."

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