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Drug lords summoned to meeting that led to threats

DUBLIN'S most feared drug lords were called to a series of 'business meetings' in the days before Christmas. And it was their response to demands at these sessions that got their names put on the Real IRA's grim list.

Gangland figure Troy Jordan was just one of a dozen gangsters summoned to meetings with the new RIRA leaders who have come to Dublin in the aftermath of the murder of terror chief Alan Ryan.


Jordan was ordered to hand over a significant amount of cash to the RIRA leadership.

The protection money would, they said, enable him to continue on with his drug dealing racket.

But Jordan not only refused to hand over any cash, he verbally abused the dissident godfathers.

The RIRA members reacted furiously.

Over Christmas, the chilling hitlist was drawn up. Included on it are some of the city's most feared criminals.

Jordan was certainly not alone in his refusal to kowtow to the dissidents.

Extortion meetings were also held with other drugs traffickers including Tallaght hood Paul Rice and Paul 'Hippo' Ward, a close associate of John Gilligan, and the man previously convicted of the murder of crime journalist Veronica Guerin.

Also on the list is jailed killer Keith Wilson who has been incarcerated in Mountjoy since 2011.

The Real IRA is also seeking a meeting with Graham 'The Wig' Whelan -- he has left the country.

The dissidents also plan to target Crumlin hood Karl Fay, who has survived a number of assasination attempts, and south inner city criminal Owen Gaffney, who four gardai were cleared of assaulting in 2011.

A reckless thug who previously assaulted gangland murder victim Gerard Eglington in court is on the list, along with Aaron Rattigan -- a first cousin of gang boss Brian Rattigan who was close mates with Eglington who was shot dead in Co Laois last September.

A pipe bomb exploded outside Aaron Rattigan's family home in south inner city Dublin last night -- but sources say that this it is not linked to the dissident Republicans.


Two friends from Tallaght who are involved in cannabis grow houses and prostitution have also been singled out for not paying the IRA extortion money -- they were previously targeted by the INLA in extortion rackets.

At the root of the issue is the fact that drug gangs no longer have the cash resources that existed when the cocaine market boomed in the Celtic Tiger era.

Sources also say that there is also "a perception that the IRA are not as strong as they thought they were" after criminal gangs were able to easily order the murder of Alan Ryan in Coolock last September.

But the dissident Republican source told the Herald: "This is war.

"Whatever about the murder of Ryan, the organisation has decided to target criminals in south Dublin for money.

"Troy Jordan previously paid the Real IRA €100k but now he is refusing to pay up -- he needs to be very careful."

The Herald has learnt that the new orders to murder criminals in Dublin is coming from a very close associate of murdered INLA figure Dominic McGlinchey.

This senior dissident Republican was previously arrested in relation to a savage double murder in Northern Ireland but apart from that has managed to keep off the police radar.