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Driver's pub toilet break shocks passengers


A DUBLIN bus driver on a north side bus route stopped his bus at a pub for 10 minutes so that he could go to the toilet.

The annoyed driver made an announcement to passengers over the intercom. "I apologise for having to stop the bus here, but Dublin Bus does not provide toilet facilities on routes that don't have a depot at the terminus.

"I've been on a five hour shift, so I'll have to go in here," he said.

"I have made this complaint to Dublin Bus many times before but nothing has been done," he continued. "I have to go into this pub so I don't have to take Dublin Bus to court over non provision of services."

Several of the non-English speaking passengers on the bus were confused by the announcement, a witness said. They started to go downstairs and try to get off the bus but others assured them that the driver would return.

When the witness spoke to the driver, he said that this was an ongoing issue.

"When you are on a route that goes between two areas and doesn't have a bus terminus, there are no toilet facilities at either end," he complained.

"I've heard stories of other drivers having to pee into a bottle," the driver alleged.

"It's a sensitive issue but I've said it to the company many times and nothing has been done."