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Driver killed after 12ft bridge plunge

GARDAI are investigating a fatal car crash that has left one man dead in West Dublin.

Investigators are looking into the single vehicle road accident that killed a 31-year-old man, after his car left the road late on Wednesday night.

The vehicle smashed through a bridge and fell onto another roadway at approximately 11pm last night, on the Snugborough Road, in Blanchardstown.

The sole occupant of the 4x4 vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene and was subsequently brought to the morgue at James Connolly Hospital.

The car had ben driving on the Snugborough Road and crashed into a barrier at a roundabout.

It appears it then catapulted over the barrier, smashing the tops off five trees as it fell to an embankment some 12 ft below.

Wreckage from the car littered the spot where the man was killed.

There were no other injured parties in the collision.

The road was closed off by authorities to facilitate a forensic investigation and determine the cause of the crash.

The busy commuter road was been re-opened to the public earlier today.

This latest road death comes less than two weeks after two teenagers were killed in a two-car collision in Kilcullen in Kildare on October 1.

Last weekend a 66-year-old woman was killed after she was hit by a bus in Cork.

Pronounced dead at the scene, a post-mortem examination was carried out at Cork University Hospital on Saturday. .