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Dreamliners 'back in weeks'

Boeing bosses said today commercial flights of its grounded 787 jets would resume "within weeks, not months", with a third of safety tests already completed.

They said they had not pinpointed the causes of the two battery problems that resulted in the world grounding of the Dreamliners.

But Boeing said a new design had many layers of safeguards to prevent battery fires and overheating.

It has measures to contain the problem from spreading and to keep the aircraft safe, even if batteries malfunction.

Middle classes rule the world

The proportion of the world's middle class living in developing nations more than doubled between 1990 and 2010, and is expected to rise more than 80pc by 2030.

The UN Development Programme's 2013 Human Development report says the share of middle-class people living in 'the global south' expanded from 26pc to 58pc over 20 years.

The report predicts that, by the end of this decade, the economic output of Brazil, India and China will outstrip that of the US, Germany, Britain, Canada, France and Italy combined.

Troll sorry for boxer taunts

A Twitter troll apologised live on television to a boxer he enraged so much that he put a 'bounty' on his tormentor's head and drove more than 60 miles to his street.

Curtis Woodhouse had been receiving abusive tweets from James O'Brien for up to eight months before he finally snapped when he was branded a 'disgrace' after losing his English light-welterweight title on points.

Woodhouse said he decided to act after seeing how worried his wife was about the abuse

Journalist on hack charge

A social media editor for Reuters has been accused of conspiring with the group Anonymous to hack into the Tribune Co's computer system shortly after he was sacked from one of the company's TV stations.

Matthew Keys (26) is charged with supplying hackers with the login credentials to the computer network of Tribune Co, which owns the Los Angeles Times, the FBI said.