Monday 20 November 2017

Dr Who star Karen so shy as iconic snapper casts his spell

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan has told how she found David Bailey as formidable as his reputation when she met the photographer after being cast as his former flame, Sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton, in a new TV drama.

Gillan (24) stars as Shrimpton in the BBC4 story We'll Take Manhattan, which explores the explosive love affair between 'The Shrimp' and the world-famous photographer.

The Scottish actress said she has not been able to meet Shrimpton, who now runs a hotel in Penzance and avoids public appearances, despite having been inspired by her before she was even cast in the drama.

But she said of meeting Bailey for a Vogue magazine shoot: "I got this call saying: 'You're doing a shoot with David Bailey.' Never in my wildest dreams did I think that was going to happen.

"And I'd done so much research on him that I thought I had an idea of what to expect."

She told the magazine: "He plays mind games to provoke his subjects."

Gillan felt camera-shy for the first time since she signed up to a modelling agency after dropping out of drama school.

She said: "He kept shouting, 'Surprise me! Do something!' He seems to build up your confidence but then knock it back down again.

"He kept on saying to me, 'You're pretty but pretty girls are like red buses.'... He meant being pretty is not enough to make an interesting portrait, essentially."


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