Thursday 14 December 2017

'Down to earth' star Russell Crowe bought drinks for everyone, reveals barmaid

Russell Crowe arriving at the Late Late Show at RTE in Dublin. Picture:Arthur Carron
Russell Crowe arriving at the Late Late Show at RTE in Dublin. Picture:Arthur Carron
Kealy's Pub, Old Airport Rd. Lauren Bowler served Russell Crowe a pint.

THE barmaid who pulled Hollywood actor Russell Crowe's last pint before he jetted out of the country has described him as "really down to earth".

The Gladiator star stopped by Kealy's Pub at Dublin Airport before flying to France after his appearances at the Jameson International Film Festival and The Late Late Show.

Crowe (50), took to Twitter to tell his 1.7 million followers, "Goodbye Dublin. Thank you so much. Thank you Kealy's and the lovely Lauren. Next stop Paris".

Last night barmaid Lauren Bowler told the Herald she was chuffed with the shout-out. She said she joined the social networking site so that she could get a look at what he said.

According to Lauren, Crowe was "quiet" but that he complimented her on the pint she pulled.

"He did say the Guinness was lovely and he enjoyed that. He was really down to earth," she said, adding that the generous actor bought pints for everyone at the bar that night.

Crowe was in town to promote his new World War I film The Water Diviner.

He caused a stir with an appearance on The Late Late Show on Friday where he helpled out with an impromptu performance with the live band.

He insisted on performing with the band on their balcony - which wasn't set up with a mic for him.

Giving a rendition of the Johnny Cash classic Folsom Prison, Crowe was just a few lines into the song when he stopped and gave out to the audience for not clapping in time.

"If you're going to clap, clap in time," he scolded.

"If you can't clap in time just shut up," he said before starting once again.

Reacting to the performance, lead singer of The Late Late Show house band 'The Camembert Quartet', Paddy Cullivan said: "I thought it was great. He's a bit like myself, he's a slightly grumpy frontman.

"The thing is if the audience is out of time, the vibe can be a bit confusing. I don't blame him for that at all. It was fair enough."

"Irish people have a tendency to clap out of time anyway" he said.

"It always kind of puts off the artist."


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