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Douglas has throat tumour

Michael Douglas has a tumour in his throat and will undergo radiation and chemotherapy.

The Academy Award-winning actor's treatment is scheduled to last eight weeks.

Douglas (inset) says he expects to make a full recovery. The 65-year-old actor told People magazine in a statement that he's "very optimistic".

China economy eclipses Japan

China has eclipsed Japan as the world's second-biggest economy after three decades of blistering growth that put overtaking the US in reach within 10 years.

Japan is still far richer per person after confirming today that economic output fell behind its giant neighbour for the three months ending June 30.

But the news is more proof of China's arrival as a force that is altering the global balance of commercial, political and military power.

Captain sacked over behaviour

The US navy has sacked the commander of a California-based ship for inappropriate behaviour considered unduly familiar towards crew members.

The navy would not elaborate on the allegations against Captain David Schnell, who commanded the Peleliu, a ship with 19 helicopters shuttling supplies to flood-devastated Pakistan.

Navy spokesman Lt Cmdr Chris Servello said Capt Schnell had been shifted to an administrative job in San Diego.