Wednesday 19 September 2018

Dough! It's Mark v Food as our man gets flattened by Ireland's biggest pizza

Mark McConville attempts to eat Ireland's largest pizza
Mark McConville attempts to eat Ireland's largest pizza
Mark McConville attempts to eat Ireland's largest pizza
Mark McConville attempts to eat Ireland's largest pizza
It's game over as it all gets a bit too much for our intrepid reporter
The pizza starts to work its magic on poor Mark

Forget Man v Food, it's time for Mark v Food.

Pizza lovers rejoiced this week when they discovered they could become our own answer to TV glutton Adam Richman.

Pinheads Pizza on Dublin's South Circular Road are serving up a gigantic 32-inch pizza with the promise of a free dinner and a voucher should anyone be able to scoff the 7,000-calorie feast in under 32 minutes.

Our man in the field, and unashamed glutton, Mark McConville was the first person in the country to accept the challenge.


Mark is a big fan of Italian cuisine and once boasted he could "clean off a pizza with my eyes closed".

In preparation for the challenge, the Armagh native skipped his usual "hearty breakfast" and downed two litres of water to increase his stomach capacity.

"I read up about preparing your stomach online. I had a light dinner, loads of water the night before and nothing for breakfast so I was starving when we got to Pinheads," he said. "I thought I could eat anything."

But, in what Mark would later deem to be a "reckless and rash decision", he opted for a decadent choice of toppings, including Cajun chicken, onion, corn, chilli peppers and extra cheese.

"Going for a margherita would have made more sense," he later admitted.

When the €32 pizza arrived at his table, Mark knew he was in trouble.

"The base was so thick, eating each slice felt like polishing off an entire batch loaf. I knew I couldn't do it after the first bite."

And things only went downhill from there.

"Then the meat sweats sets in and I started getting hazy and tired. I felt like I was going to get sick."

After a meagre two slices Mark threw in the serviette and admitted defeat.

"I didn't even get to try the milkshakes. It was just too much. I watch Adam Richman on Man v Food and he makes it look so easy. I won't be eating pizza any time soon. I'm fit for bed. Anyone who can finish that isn't human."

Pinheads owner Anthony Kelly is calling on hungry diners to attempt the conquest.

"The challenge is a 32-inch pizza and whatever toppings you want on it as well as two milkshakes. If you finish it you win a €50 voucher and get your pizza for free as well," he said.

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