Sunday 20 January 2019

Don't believe the hype, men are the moody ones but they just won't admit it

It's just over a year since psychology expert (and actress) Drew Barrymore made this observation: "I can ask any man in this room, women are just inherently, like, moody and hormonal people. I don't know how men deal with it. I praise them."

Now a seismic report by the vitamin company Healthspan has confirmed Ms Barrymore's insights - it says that women spend the equivalent of ten days a year (or five hours a week) feeling grumpy.

Really? Is that all? Well, not according to our men, who say that we actually spend closer to eight hours a week in the dumps.

And when asked, two thirds of women themselves agreed that yes, women are indeed moodier than men.

Just look at Victoria Beckham - poster girl for fashionable female grumps. She's so moody, say her detractors, and why doesn't she ever smile?

But our Ms Vicky couldn't be arsed playing the smiley game, she's too busy building her empire. This, my sisters, is what is called social conditioning.

For centuries strong women have been dubbed emotional, moody, stroppy and bossy, while our male counterparts, when acting in an identical manner, are called rational, strong-willed, tough and authoritative.

I know that if I asked the current Mr Hunt how often he was moody or grumpy, he would probably say never. He's a little ray of sunshine, week in week out, so he is.

And when I suggest, mildly, that he's often a big grumpy b*****ks he insists that I'm projecting my bad moods onto him. Then I give examples of his moody behaviour, all of which he denies.

I'm now being delusional, as well as deflecting my moods. You see where I'm going here?

Just because women are more honest about their emotions and are also expected to be 'hormonal' every month, doesn't mean that that blokes aren't moody also. They just lie about it. Or call it something else - like justified anger.

Or blame it on their missus.

Whereas we women still blame ourselves even when it's obviously the blokes fault that we're feeling fed up.

So what does this poll say we get into a bad mood about?

Well, stuff like feeling undervalued (tick), no-one helping with anything (tick), keeping on top of housework (tick), himself using all the hot water in the morning (tick), ungrateful children (tick), partner not listening (tick).

Yes, a lot of the stuff that puts women into a bad mood is the fault of someone else - usually her partner.


Which is why women crave "me" time to get them out of their black moods. "Time spent alone" was by far the best remedy to ease a bad mood - for the women that is.

Bottom line? We just want to be left alone and not have to be someone elses' cook, cleaner, child-minder or organiser for a few hours.

For the blokes, of course, it's rather different. When they're a little grumpy they depend on their partner to get them out of their mood.

As if it were our responsibility. Which I suspect they think it is.

But then we're only moody ten days a year - whereas I suspect that men are in a bad mood far more often than that. Just check out the comment section of most newspapers - full of men ranting away about everything and anything.

But bless them, they'll say they're just expressing their views. It's not like they're hormonal or anything.

Dream on lads....

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