Monday 15 October 2018

Donegal has sexiest accent

People from Donegal have the sexiest accent in Ireland, according to research.

Around 42pc of women and 39pc of men have admitted going weak at the knees at the sound of the north-west warble.

The survey, conducted by match-making service Parship.ie, also found that one-in-five women think accents are important when choosing a partner.

"We all know the distinctive voice of our favourite celebrities," said dating expert Avril Mulcahy. "They have a way of drawing you in and holding you. It might sound assertive, confident, powerful or just downright sexy."

Tipperary fared worst of all with just 1pc of women and 5pc of men describing it as the sexiest accent.

Iranians held

on bomb plot

Thai police are questioning three more Iranian citizens for links to an alleged bomb plot that was discovered in Bangkok on Valentine's Day.

Two men and one woman were found during a search of an apartment building.

One was said to have been in contact with other detained suspects, including a man who blew his legs off by mistake as he fled police.

Koran-burning protest kills 9

A suicide car bomber killed nine people at the gates of Jalalabad airport in eastern Afghanistan in an attack insurgents said was revenge for US troops burning Korans.

The explosion comes after six days of deadly protests over the disposal of Korans and other Islamic texts in a burn pit at a US military base.

American officials have called the incident a mistake and issued apologies.

Today, a bomber drove up to the gates of the airport -- which serves both civilian and international military aircraft -- shortly after dawn and detonated his explosives in a "very strong" blast.

Rolex named the top brand

Rolex has come top of an annual list of consumer superbrands for the first time.

The luxury goods firm beat Coca-Cola and internet search giant Google into second and third places respectively. Mercedes-Benz was in fourth place with the BBC at five -- the sixth year it has been in the top five.

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