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'Dolphin-friendly' tuna label irrelevant -- consumer group

SUPERMARKET claims about the sustainability of fish are 'misleading and meaningless', consumer group Which? has warned, as 'dolphin-friendly' tuna rarely swim in the same waters as dolphins.

Which? said some large supermarkets and food companies are failing to provide customers with meaningful information about how or where fish including cod, salmon and tuna is caught.

This comes despite most people wanting to know that the fish they buy is responsibly caught, Which? said. The group said that retailers and food companies use unhelpful information on their labels.

For example, claims that tuna is 'dolphin-friendly' are 'irrelevant' because most tinned tuna sold in supermarkets is skipjack tuna, which do not swim in the same areas as dolphins.

Marine charities said the findings show shoppers can't know what they are buying.

"Without clear information on what seafood is being caught, where it is caught and how it is caught, it is impossible for consumers to make the most sustainable choices in the food that they purchase," said Debbie Crockland, of the Marine Conservation Society.

Which? also found that salmon sold in Aldi and Lidl is neither organically farmed nor approved by the Freedom Food label, which are regarded as the minimum standards in the industry.

Tins of tuna often do not specify how the tuna was caught. This means that the companies could catch the fish using nets, which campaigners say catch unwanted species.