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Doireann drops mic for 'eye-opening' Rwanda trip


Doireann Garrihy in Rwanda

Doireann Garrihy in Rwanda

Doireann Garrihy's dad Eugene meets local kids on the trip

Doireann Garrihy's dad Eugene meets local kids on the trip

Doireann Garrihy in Rwanda

Radio presenter Doireann Garrihy has swapped the studio of RTE to trek out to Rwanda with her father this week.

The 27-year-old and her dad Eugene have joined forces to travel to the impoverished African country to see first-hand the work being carried out by Irish charity Bothar.

The 2fm presenter, who fronts an early morning show with Eoghan McDermott, said she hoped it would be an "eye-opening trip".

The father-and-daughter duo have travelled over there 25 years after the Rwandan genocide, which saw 800,000 people lose their lives in just two months of civil war.

"We're heading over there a quarter of a century after the world's fastest-ever killing spree devastated this tiny central African nation," she said.


"We'll be seeing how Bothar's airlift of in-calf Irish heifers are settling in after being handed over to widows of the horrific genocide, among lots of other things."

She said that there's no-one she would rather do the journey with than her father Eugene and described it as a "trip of a lifetime" as the pair flew out on Monday to start their memorable journey away together.

The pair flew into the Rwandan capital of Kigali and spent the night in basic accommodation - complete with mosquito nets - before making their way on to the town of Rwamagana.

There they met with some of the villagers who have benefited directly from the Irish charity through the donation of livestock.

She posted a picture of her dad meeting some local youngsters and captioned it "new friends" while they made the most of their time travelling with the charity.

Father to Doireann, actress Aoibhinn and PR guru Ailbhe, Eugene is MD of Dublin Bay Cruises and also runs the ferry to Doolin.

The second-largest organisation in the world involved in livestock aid, Bothar has been flying cows over to the region since 1991 as they help provide impoverished families with a new source of income.