Friday 18 January 2019

Doctors said they wouldn't make it but just look at them now

THESE are the adorable miracle twins who defied the odds of survival.

Little Alexandra and Taylor (2) were not expected to make it through their arduous premature labour -- and Taylor even suffered three heart attacks in one night when she was just a few weeks old.

But now that they are perfectly healthy children, parents Seamus Hanley and Andrea Dermody, from Celbridge, are giving lectures to new parents in the Coombe Hospital who are going through similarly devastating circumstances.

In February 2009, the couple were told that Andrea was having a rare mono-mono pregnancy -- which meant the twins were sharing the same placenta. The odds of both surviving were slim.

However, the family were determined to stay positive throughout the ordeal.

"He [Dr Sean Daly of the Coombe Hospital] said the chances of them surviving and being normal ... that we had a better chance of winning the lottery," Seamus explained.

"I thought that there is one winner every two weeks so why can't we win?"

Taylor was born weighing 2lbs, and Alexandra was less than 1lb.

"Taylor was 2lbs, and because of the way she was born, as mono-mono and a twin, she had an enlarged heart and was pumping blood for two.

"She was really in danger. They kept saying that even if one survives, the other will be handicapped.

"But I kept thinking, 'They're going to make it, we're going to have two healthy babies'. I programmed my mind into that way of thinking."

Things reached such a dangerous point that Seamus and Andrea were even brought in to say their goodbyes to little Taylor.

"She had three cardiac arrests that night. The paediatrician was telling us this, but Taylor kept telling us something different," he said. The little girls are now perfectly healthy, with no underlying conditions, and their parents help other parents who are struggling to cope in similar circumstances and hope to joint lecture over the coming months.

"We have an inspirational story, and we want to share and give hope," he said.


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