Saturday 16 December 2017

Dobbo even interviews his daughters

RTE newsreader Bryan Dobson is to take up a position as a lecturer
RTE newsreader Bryan Dobson is to take up a position as a lecturer

RTE stalwart Bryan Dobson has admitted his daughters tell him to stop quizzing them at home.

The News anchor said that interviewing family members is something he has done for years.

"My sister recently uncovered an old tape of me as a 13-year-old in which I was interviewing my family," he said.

And Dobbo kept it up, regularly grilling his daughters, Sophie and Hannah, at home.

"In fact, my daughters now sometimes say to me over dinner 'Stop interviewing us dad!' when I would ask them what their day was like or what they did."

The veteran broadcaster got the journalism bug while working on a radio show during transition year at Newpark Comprehensive in Blackrock.

"I got to be the producer and that gave me a real feel for what I wanted to do," he said.


"One of the things we did was to interview the principal, who was obviously a very important person.

"I remember thinking that this is fantastic, and I still do."

Moving to Belfast to work at the BBC in 1983 was only his second time living away from home, the first being when he studied journalism at Rathmines College.

Meanwhile, Bryan revealed he has considered quitting RTE where he has spent 27 years as a broadcaster, but thinking about his late father stopped him.

"I didn't think in my 30s that I'd still be in RTE in my 50s because for a lot of my early working life I moved between jobs," he told the RTE Guide.

"Over the years, when I occasionally thought about leaving RTE, I could hear my father's voice in my head saying, 'Are you mad? You have a good job there, so why would you want to leave it?'"


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