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DJ has life-saving op to remove brain blood clots

HURLING legend DJ Carey is recovering in hospital after undergoing potentially life-saving surgery to remove blood clots from his brain.

Carey (41) is now receiving radium treatment as a precaution.

The Kilkenny great has repeatedly hit the headlines in recent months following his split from Dragons' Den fiancee Sarah Newman. DJ spoke openly to friends about his latest health scare in recent days. He revealed how he underwent a procedure in hospital to have the clots taken out but is now feeling "better than ever".

It's the second time in recent months for Mr Carey, who now lives alone at his home in the K-club in Straffan, Co Kildare, to have been hospitalised.

He collapsed in April after suffering chest pains and palpitations. Mr Carey was admitted to the cardiology unit of St Luke's Hospital in Kilkenny where he underwent several tests as doctors monitored his condition for three days.


Sources close to Mr Carey said he was "utterly stressed" at the time as he faced a mountain of debt, the collapse of his business and the break-up of a nine-year relationship with Ms Newman.

Mr Carey was released from hospital within days but medics have been keeping a close eye on the sportsman's health ever since.

It's understood the blood clots were noticed while Mr Carey was undergoing other tests investigating his health problems.

Blood clots that block blood flow are the main culprits in most heart attacks and strokes and can also damage other organs.

Clot removal is a procedure in which doctors use miniature tools to break up or remove a blood clot that is blocking a blood vessel in the brain.

A source close to Mr Carey who met the star last week said: "He is in super form, he looks really well and it's great to see the old DJ back."

His former wife, Christine Preston, who DJ has two children with: Sean and Mike, were at his bedside in hospital in April.