Friday 24 November 2017

Did three gangs join up to kill McDonagh?

BODY IN MOUNTAINS: Victim was shot in back of head

DETECTIVES are probing whether up to three criminal gangs clubbed together to murder a Dublin man whose remains were found in the Dublin Mountains.

James Kenny McDonagh (28) fell foul of a number of very dangerous separate criminal gangs in the months before he was abducted and murdered in October, 2010.


It is believed that he was shot in the back of the head and tests are expected to confirm the cause of his death as early as this evening.

A source explained: "The unfortunate victim in this case was in dispute with a number of serious criminals.

"There were rows about missing drugs and weapons. However the victim was not a serious criminal or anything like that -- he got caught up with the wrong people."

A major line of enquiry is whether Mr Kenny McDonagh was targeted in retaliation for an attack on Mark 'Guinea Pig' Desmond in the Memorial Park in Ballyfermot in April, 2010.

Desmond managed to escape from his attackers on a quad bike when they approached him in the park.

The Guinea Pig, who was the only man to have been charged in the notorious 2000 'canal murders' investigation, recognised his attackers and sped off before he was hit.

Ballyfermot man Desmond is now understood to be based in the Rathmines area and he has linked up with local criminals operating in that part of south Dublin, according to sources.


It is also believed that Mr Kenny McDonagh was involved in disputes with two other criminal gangs over missing drugs and cash.

One of these gangs is led by a veteran drugs trafficker from Tallaght who has strong connections to a south inner city drugs gang.

The other crime outfit has its stronghold in the Clondalkin area.

The victim's heartbroken family faces a two-week wait before they can bury him. Yesterday, Mr Kenny McDonagh's mum Jackie told The Herald that she believed her son's killers would be caught

She said: "So long as I'm alive I will not stop fighting for justice for James. You will be caught."

She also told of the heartbreak of having to tell James's 12-year-old daughter that "her daddy was dead".

"She's sobbing here. She had always held out some hope of seeing her dad again, but this evening I had to sit her down and tell her that her daddy was dead," an emotional Jackie told the Herald.

Mr Kenny McDonagh's body was found in the Dublin Mountains by hill walkers at the weekend after his shallow grave was revealed when a tree was knocked over in a storm.


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