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Diana Bunici 'excited' about publishing deal for debut novel


Diana Bunici

Diana Bunici

Diana Bunici

TV presenter Diana Bunici has signed a publishing deal for her first book.

The former RTE presenter, who is now based in London, has been working on the book for some time.

"Very excited to publish my first book with Liberties Press. Bookworm through and through," she tweeted.

Diana (25) has described the as-yet-untitled book as "semi-autobiographical" as it describes her experience of moving to Ireland as a child.

"It's about a little girl from Moldova, in eastern Europe, coming to Ireland and the experiences that she goes through," she said.


"So it's telling the story of immigration - I think a lot of children will be able relate to it.

"We live in such a multi-cultural society and every child will have friends from other countries, so I'm sure it'll strike a chord.

"It will be nice to get the perspective of a child who's moved here and what they're going through, what they're thinking."