Wednesday 13 December 2017

'Diamonds' charity boss faces trial

The South African charity boss said to have been given diamonds by supermodel Naomi Campbell is facing criminal charges.

Jeremy Ractliffe appeared in a Johannesburg court.

His next court appearance on charges of possessing uncut diamonds is scheduled for October 27.

Mr Mhaga said Ractliffe had been charged for violating the Diamonds Act of 1956, which makes an offence to possess uncut diamonds.

Ractliffe was chief executive in 1997 of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund when Campbell said she received uncut diamonds after a charity fund raiser also attended by Liberian president Charles Taylor.

Taylor is being tried in The Hague for trading in illegal diamonds, referred to during his trial as "blood diamonds", to arm rebels in Sierra Leone.

Campbell said she received the diamonds from three men who came to her hotel room.


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