Saturday 18 November 2017

Devil in the detail of new city transport plan, say cyclists

An artist's impression of DCC/NTA's transport plan for College Green
An artist's impression of DCC/NTA's transport plan for College Green

DUBLIN cyclists have welcomed proposals to transform the city centre but warned that the "devil will be in the details" if the plans are to be cycle friendly.

Plans which would see private cars banned from large swathes of the city were unveiled by Dublin City Council and the NTA this week.

The overhaul of the central district is designed to make the city more pedestrian and cyclist friendly.

Keith Byrne, of the Dublin Cycling Campaign, told the Herald that the proposals are "badly needed" to make the city more accessible for bike users.

"The overall idea is excellent and if it's done right it will benefit everyone," he said.

"Some things are questionable. There are some devil-inthe-detail elements that need to be ironed out," he said.

Details such as how much space cyclists will have and the speed limits in areas near the new cycle lanes need to be considered carefully he added.


"Solutions usually take the form of shared space. That either means that cyclists share road space with pedestrians or with buses," he said.

"If it's just one lane and a tram track like they are suggesting at College Green there's a bit of concern there. When you are crossing at an angle at the Luas tracks people will be falling off every other day," he commented.

However Mr Byrne is confident that the plans will ultimately bring great benefit to cyclists who use the city.

Meanwhile the Irish Parking Association, which represents car park operators in Ireland have also expressed concern about the proposals.

Plans to reduce traffic include closing some car parks and relocating them to a new multi story facility at Heuston Station.

Traffic restrictions could also make it difficult to access car parks in town.

Chairman of the IPA, Keith Gavin, said that industry stakeholders will be meeting early next week to discuss their concerns about the plans.

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