Sunday 17 December 2017

Det Garda coach 'brought his gun to rugby training' - reports

An armed detective has worked as a paid coach for a rugby club while on duty
An armed detective has worked as a paid coach for a rugby club while on duty

An armed detective has worked as a paid coach for a rugby club while on duty, arriving in an unmarked garda car and not concealing his weapon, according to a complaint made to the Garda watchdog.

The complaint involves a detective with a national unit who lives outside Dublin and has allegedly turned up for training and matches at a club in Leinster.

The complaint lodged with the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) relates to alleged incidents in the past two months although there is a suggestion they have been going on longer.

The person who made the complaint has suggested that the detective made little attempt to conceal his gun in a manner designed to provide a "whiff of cordite" to the detective-turned-coach in front of the youth and young adult players.

The complaint also alleges that the detective sometimes had to leave training or matches at short notice, and was once picked up by a garda car.

GSOC has been supplied with photographs, videos, and vehicle registration numbers as documentary evidence to support the complaint.

The detective in question is understood to be paid up to €5,000 a year by the club.

The latest incident in which the detective is alleged to have been on duty while training dates from last week, when he arrived in an unmarked car with his firearm, but had to quickly leave during training.

The incident was recorded by the person making the complaint.


It is also understood that senior figures in the club have been made aware of the situation, but no action has yet been taken.

According to the complainant, it would have been difficult for the detective to continue operating as he did without his supervisor being aware of it.

"He couldn't have done that without his immediate supervisor knowing," they said in an interview with the Irish Examiner newspaper.

A spokeswoman for GSOC said that it does not comment on individual cases.


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