Tuesday 22 January 2019

'Depressed, not suicidal' -Miss Y report

a doctor at the centre of the Miss Y case told the HSE inquiry team that the woman was "sad and depressed" but "not suicidal".

The woman was traumatised by the crisis pregnancy - the result of a rape in her home country - when she arrived in Ireland.

But health officials said that they were constrained by existing legislation, a lack of coordination and no protocols regarding sharing information, according to the draft HSE report.

The report, seen by RTE's Prime Time, said that no documentation or evidence has so far emerged to show that she had presented as being at substantial risk of suicide.

The report states that, "although Miss Y was undoubtedly extremely distressed and traumatised by the crisis pregnancy which had resulted from the rape she had experienced in her country of origin….none of the documentation reviewed; nor the interviews conducted with the staff from the various agencies that Miss Y came into contact (with) ... identified that Miss Y had presented as being at a risk of real and substantial risk of loss of life by way of suicide."

A doctor specialising in treating the victims of torture informed the report team that: "Miss Y had responded affirmatively when asked if she had thoughts of ending her life or feeling trapped."

However, they added that "evidence of psychological distress is a common feature in many of the clients that he/she assesses as part of the Medico-Legal Review process."

The medic also said scores elicited from the "psychological tests indicated Miss Y was sad and depressed not that she was actively suicidal."

However, the HSE emphasised in a statement that the report was only in draft form.


"This document can be expected to contain factual/clinical inaccuracies and/or information that may require additional clarification," the HSE also stated.

"Attempts to draw conclusions or establish facts from what is an draft and incomplete report should be treated with extreme caution."

It is understood that the inquiry team is seeking to meet with Miss Y and is in discussions with her legal representatives.


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