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Depiction of Love/Hate 'zombies' is real - Tom

Tom Vaughan Lawlor said Love/Hate's depiction of drug addicts and dealers is extremely close to the bone.

The actor who played crime boss Nidge has said his final farewells to the show that catapulted him to fame. And Tom (38) said that he regularly encountered the kind of characters that were depicted on the show.

"It's a very accurate and scary depiction of that kind of life in Dublin. The fall-out from that culture is so visible," he said.

"You just have zombies and dead souls just walking around, destroyed by drugs. The amount of times in the past four weeks that I've seen guys openly smoking crack in alleyways, in phone boxes... it's mind blowing," he told the University Observer.

Meanwhile, former governor of Mountjoy prison, John Lonergan, said the treatment Fran received in jail was accurate.

"I thought it was pretty savage," he said of the rape scene which saw Fran attacked with a broken snooker cue. "From my experience it was pretty close to the bone. Beatings and cuttings up over the last few years would have become a fairly regular feature in prison life."

However, when asked how realistic the shower scene was, he said "certainly I believe it's an exaggeration, the amount of time, nobody came, no staff in existence," he said.