Wednesday 23 January 2019

'Deluded' Kinahan gang mobster mocks gardai in Facebook post from cell

Cartel boss Daniel Kinahan
Cartel boss Daniel Kinahan

An investigation has been launched after a prisoner facing charges in relation to the Kinahan/Hutch feud posted a Facebook message from behind bars.

In the message, posted online earlier this month, the criminal mocked gardai and claimed he would never be convicted of serious feud-related crimes.

The man, who is linked to cartel boss Daniel Kinahan, is currently before the courts on charges connected to the ongoing feud.

The Herald understands that the Prison Service is investigating the possibility that the man had access to a mobile phone behind bars.


Inmates in Irish prisons are not permitted to access mobile phones or the internet.

A search of the suspect's cell is expected to take place.

"This prisoner could face disciplinary action as a result of this post," a source said.

In the message, posted on a public Facebook page earlier this month, the criminal stated that he had been locked in a dispute with gardai over access to a mobile phone ahead of his trial date.

The man said his phone was encrypted with the programme PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and gardai are unable to access it.

He claimed that he has offered to open it for them in the presence of his lawyer, but said that this had been rejected.

"The cops, on the other hand, would prefer me to give them the codes and let them work on it alone," he wrote.

"However, taking into consideration how arbitrarily they have interpreted and changed the facts for their own convenience so far, I can't allow it no matter what.

"So we'll see you in court…"

The criminal went on to label gardai "a bunch of clowns".

However, a senior source said that what the criminal was suggesting is mere "bravado".

"Either this man is deluded or he is filling his local friends with bulls**t," the source said.

"This is not the reality of what is happening in this case."


The Kinahan cartel has been struck by a number of setbacks in recent months.

Yesterday, the Herald revealed that Daniel Kinahan's paranoia is at breaking point and he is now too afraid to leave his bolt-hole in the UAE, where he has been based for weeks, amid fears that a murder attempt "will come back to haunt him".

Dad Christy Senior has also warned him not to return to his usual bases in Europe and this has resulted in the boxing fanatic missing a number of high-profile bouts, which he is said to be "fuming" about.

The Herald reported that Daniel is especially worried after his former associate James 'Mago' Gately survived being shot by a cartel gunman in May.

"Daniel is getting more and more paranoid and now won't leave Dubai over fears the botched hit on 'Mago' Gately will come back to haunt him," a source said.

"He fears that 'Mago' and his associates will be gunning for him over the failed murder attempt.

"There's fears that hit-men could target him in Spain, the UK and in Holland, so he has been warned to stay put by Christy Senior," the source added.

So far, 12 people have been shot dead as part of the ongoing Hutch/Kinahan feud.

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