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Delays hit Dracula author's city statue

A STATUE of Dracula creator Bram Stoker may not be erected in time for his centenary next year.

Dublin City Council has yet to find a suitable location for the statue -- despite being urged to by Dracula fans.

Stoker historians and his descendants want to mark his death in 1912 by raising a permanent memorial, but they say the council cannot find room in the city.

Dennis McIntyre from the Stoker Dracula International Organisation has been campaigning for a statue for years, but wants it in Clontarf where Stoker was born.

Dublin City Council says it is "supportive" of the idea.

But a spokesperson added: "Many issues, however, need to be explored and agreed. These include an art work design, commissioning, funding and location."

Mr McIntyre said: "In Clontarf there's a beautiful little crescent, and there's a green there named Bram Stoker Park, and I think it should be erected in the middle of it."

The project is backed by the council's public art advisory group, but officials have ruled out placing it in Trinity College, St Stephen's Green or Dublin Castle.

The university is privately run, while the other two landmarks are controlled by the Office of Public Works.

Stoker's family is now searching for a private site, which could cost €50,000.