Friday 15 December 2017

Delaney's partner disables Twitter account after song row

John Delaney with his partner Emma English at his birthday celebrations at House on Leeson Street. Picture credit; Damien Eagers 16/10/2014
John Delaney with his partner Emma English at his birthday celebrations at House on Leeson Street. Picture credit; Damien Eagers 16/10/2014

Emma English, the partner of FAI Chief John Delaney, disabled her Twitter account hours after she re-tweeted posts criticising a football writer who reported on the FAI boss's singing escapade.

The couple has had a tough week during which she revealed her online bullying trauma and he was caught on video singing a Republican ballad.

On Thursday night Ms English re-tweeted other users' negative comments about an Irish football reporter who wrote about Mr Delaney's rendition of a song about IRA hunger striker Joe McDonnell in a Dublin pub.


She had removed the account by Friday morning.

When asked by the Herald if she wished to comment on removing her profile from the social media site yesterday, Ms English said "Both John and I really feel it is best not to do any more interviews at this time."

She did not reply to a further question about her retweets of posts criticising the sports reporter.

Mr Delaney has defended his song choice in the Bath Pub on the night of the Irish squad's clash with the USA and said he does not support violence at all.

"Joe McDonnell is a song that has been sung in my presence and I have chipped in on a number of occasions in the past. When you sing a song like that, you don't believe in every word," he said.

"I sing a large number of songs, maybe five or six different ones. It's a typically Irish thing we do. We sing songs amongst our group and you expect it to be kept to the group.

"What I will say is that if the song offends anybody, of course I'm sorry," he added.

Meanwhile, earlier this week PR woman Ms English detailed her distress after negative comments about her had been posted on a forum on the You Boys In Green (YBIG) website.

Emma claimed users of the football fan site were taking screen shots of her Twitter and Facebook posts and were using them to post abusive comments about her and her relationship with FAI Chief John Delaney.

Ms English also called for the YBIG forum to be taken down.


"There have been nights where I can't sleep and I'm just sick with the stress over it - it's cyber-bullying," she said.

Miss English also rejected an apology that was released by the YBIG.

The fan group said it removed the abusive comments as soon as their attention was drawn to them.

However, Ms English rejected the apology. "I absolutely could not accept their apology because of the ignorance that's following through on that thread and it's getting worse.

"I think that whole forum should be taken down because I think it's a breeding ground for bullying and that's all I see on it," she said.


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