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Decision expected on new fire station

A decision will be made in the coming weeks on whether a new fire station will be built in Dublin city.

A feasibility study will be carried out to see if an extension to the existing North Strand fire station or a new station is the best option, a spokesperson confirmed.

The purchase of a site adjacent to the North Strand station is currently under consideration.

“Soil samples (to check the suitability of the land) are being taken at the moment. The results are expected in the coming weeks,” the spokesperson said.

However, no contracts have been signed and no plans have been draw up.

A number of fire stations, including Blanchardstown and Finglas, have been upgraded in the past two years.

“Further fire stations will be upgraded and refurbished as part of our ongoing maintenance programme and the North Strand station is included in this programme,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, two new fire engines will become operational in the coming week.


Dublin Fire Brigade has a frontline fleet of 46 appliances, which includes 12 emergency ambulances, and they are replaced by a reserve vehicle if maintenance or repairs are required.

In addition, there are a number of other specialised response vehicles and reserve vehicles available.

“There is a maintenance programme in place to ensure that all vehicles maintain their operational effectiveness,” the spokesperson said.

All vehicles undergo testing annually. Funding for the replacement of fire engines comes from the Department of the Environment.