Wednesday 20 March 2019

DCU students demand society resignations after 'explicit acts' row

USI president Siona Cahill said behaviour was unacceptable. Photo: Damien Eagers/INM
USI president Siona Cahill said behaviour was unacceptable. Photo: Damien Eagers/INM

A group of DCU societies have called for the resignation of executive committee members of the Accounting & Finance (A&F) society after some of its members engaged in explicit frat-style games.

Controversy has erupted over an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) for first-years on October 4 in which students performed "nude acts" and kissing challenges.

The incidents have been condemned and the society suspended from all social events for this semester.

In a petition started by the DCU Feminist Society, calls have been made for members of the executive committee to stand down.

"It is reprehensible that it was only when these issues were brought to public attention that any action was taken in response to this gross misconduct," a petition statement on change.org reads.


"Considering the seriousness of the actions and the lasting effects that many first-year students will now have to grapple with as a result, we do not feel that a one-semester suspension from social activities is a sufficient reprimand.

"We formally call for the immediate resignation of the entire A&F Society governing executive committee, who presided over this event.

"We demand that a portion of the budget allocated to the A&F Society be appropriated to run more consent classes on campus and to expand availability throughout the year."

The petition has been supported by dozens of societies.

Speaking to RTE's Today With Sean O'Rourke, student Clara Kelly, who attended the EGM on behalf of student newspaper The College View, said the tasks "escalated" after each round.

"They had set out tasks that they wanted the first years to complete," she said. "They started off placing a balloon between their legs and popping it with their hips and from there it just escalated at every round."

Siona Cahill, president of the Union of Students Ireland (USI), also spoke on the RTE show and said that the USI does not condone what happened at the event.

She said that what was being described was unacceptable but not reflective of college societies.

The A&F Society apologised to any member offended and pledged that such activity will not happen again.

"Due to the misconduct at our EGM on October 4, A&F has been suspended from social activity for semester one of this year, which includes the A&F European Mystery Tour," it said.

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