Tuesday 20 November 2018

David Gillick to celebrate first wedding anniversary - with a triathlon

Popping the question: David Gillick with his fiancée Charlotte Wickham. KYRAN O’BRIEN
Popping the question: David Gillick with his fiancée Charlotte Wickham. KYRAN O’BRIEN
Graham Young, Vodafone Ireland;Clodagh Flynn, Vodafone Ireland; David Gillick, Vodafone Dublin City Triathlon Ambassador; Tarah Goldrick, Vodafone Ireland; and Jamie O'Toole, Vodafone Ireland with less than 30 training days to Ireland's largest triathlon, David Gillick, former Irish international athlete and Celebrity MasterChef winner has been unveiled as the Vodafone Dublin City Triathlon ambassador for 2015
*Food for Thought:David Gillick unveiled as Vodafone Dublin City Triathlon race ambassador***

What better way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary than by taking part in a gruelling triathlon.

Former European champion David Gillick will be marking a year since tying the knot to his sweetheart Charlotte by taking part in the Vodafone Dublin City Triathlon.

The couple got married on August 23 last year and David said they're still in the "honeymoon period".

"Our anniversary is on the same day so we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it - we'll celebrate another day," he told the Herald.

"We're really happy, we're still in the honeymoon period. There's no kids on the horizon just yet - we're both working hard at the moment and we will be for the next couple of years.

"We've both got a lot going on and I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going long-term post-athletics.

"It's a busy time but we've both said before that we want to have children in the future," he added.

The former Celebrity MasterChef winner will be releasing his debut cookbook soon and said he can't wait to see it hit the shops.

"It's gone to the publishers now and all going well it should be hitting the shelves around September 16," he said.


"I'm delighted, I went through all the pictures and everything this week.

"A lot of work has gone into it over the past six months and I just can't wait to see it on the shelves now," he added.

As part of Vodafone's Think Well, Live Well, Feel Well staff programme, David will impart his fitness and nutrition tips to staff participating in this year's Triathlon which will take place at the Phoenix Park.

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