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Daughter had to give mum CPR in hospital

THE daughter of a woman who had a heart attack in hospital had to start chest compressions herself after she could not find a member of staff.

Winifred Finnegan (74) of Ardlea Road, Artane, Dublin, died at Beaumont Hospital on March 20, 2010, a month after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Dublin City Coroner's Court heard there was a "prolonged resuscitation" and Ms Finnegan's brain was deprived of oxygen. She remained in a coma until her death.

Aileen Finnegan told the inquest she was standing beside her mother's bed when she noticed her mother's eyes, "rolling back in her head."

She pressed the emergency bell, which did not work.

"I ran out the door... I couldn't see any staff.

"I ran to my right to the nurses' station...there was nobody there," Ms Finnegan told the inquest.

The coroner recorded a narrative verdict, listing the cause of death as pneumonia and septicemia following a cardiac event.