Thursday 18 January 2018

Darci Day: 'RIP Elaine ... I wish I could have saved you'

Darci Day
Darci Day
Young American woman Darci Day met Dwyer on line
Darci Day, witness in Graham Dwyer trial

DARCI Day, the young American woman who could have become a victim of convicted murderer Graham Dwyer, has said she wished she could have 'saved' Elaine O'Hara.

Ms Day (26), from Maine, shared some of her views on the disturbing case online over night.

She took to Twitter to sympathise with Ms O'Hara and her family and also spoke of how difficult she found testifying during the trial.

"RIP Elaine. Wish I knew you and could have saved you," she said.

"Don't let the darkest of human nature win; let beauty and light shine through the pain. There is a lot of good in ppl #grahamdwyer," Ms Day said in another post.


Referring to Ms O'Hara's terrible fate, the young woman replied to another user saying: "Poor Elaine she didn't deserve that. She deserved to be loved."

In shocking testimony during the case Ms Day told the court about Dwyer's desire to kill her.

She told how she had been suicidal but did not have the courage to kill herself when she met Dwyer online.

Despite her vulnerable status, Dwyer's sick fantasy, read out in court, detailed how he would fly Darci to Ireland and take her to a cabin where he would cut her throat as he raped her, and then have sex with her mutilated corpse.

She gave evidence by video link from Maine because she was too afraid to be in the same room as him. Last night, she recalled the day she told her story at the hearing.

"Testifying against him was the hardest thing I have ever done. It was so emotional," she said last night.

Originally it seemed she would not be permitted to testify via video link, however after Dwyer sent her a Christmas card it was ruled she would be allowed.

They had no contact since 2011, but she was sent the card by Dwyer after he got her home address only a month before his trial was due to start.

In it, he protested his innocence, saying he was being blamed for a suicide and there was no evidence against him. He also wished her and her dog Bruno a happy Christmas.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt said the only conclusion that could be drawn from it was Dwyer was trying to affect Darci Day's evidence.


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