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Daniella Moyles: I'm off to sunny Dubai for Christmas

Radio presenter Daniella Moyles will be leaving the miserable weather behind her for glorious sunny beaches this Christmas.

Daniella presents the Zoo Crew on Spin 1038 with Cormac Moore and is looking forward to her break in the sun saying she's "very excited".

"I'm going to Dubai and I'm very excited," she told the Herald. "I'm going with my friend who has lived in Australia for four years.

"I'm doing half the journey back with her as far as Dubai and we're spending a week there and then she's going back to Australia for another year.

"She's a resident now so she's practically Australian," she added.

As well as lending her voice to radio, Daniella has been writing travel articles and hopes it's something she'll continue to do in the future.


"I've found a real passion in writing recently. Hopefully I'll write something about Dubai as well," she said.

Spin have also launched In Magazine - their own online publication and Daniella enjoys writing for that too.

"I have done some writing for them. I've done a travel article and I'm writing a fashion article for next month's edition," she revealed.

"It's nice, I can kind of fit it in so whenever I have a spare few minutes at work I can just write something for the magazine.

"I really, really love writing, it's become something I've really loved in the last few years," she said.

Daniella also revealed that she wouldn't mind returning to TV work now that she's established on radio.

"Now that I've got the radio thing down, I feel like I could move back in to TV," she revealed.

"For the last year, I was really focusing on radio and TV is a far more fickle industry than radio.

"TV is such a small industry you just have to wait for the right chance or the show that you're the right fit for," she added.