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Daniel thrilled with Dermot makeover despite budget over-run


Daniel and Majella O’Donnell received a home makeover from Dermot Bannon (centre)

Daniel and Majella O’Donnell received a home makeover from Dermot Bannon (centre)

Daniel and Majella O’Donnell received a home makeover from Dermot Bannon (centre)

Daniel O'Donnell has said he has no regrets about Dermot Bannon's makeover of his Donegal home - despite the budget doubling.

The episode of the Room To Improve show pulled in nearly 900,000 viewers to see the country star grapple with the Dublin architect over the home improvements when the budget shot up by €200,000.

Daniel joked on Newstalk's Down To Business show that it was all blamed on his love of bathrooms.

"They blamed it on my extra en suite, it didn't come out on the TV but I said, 'You'd need to be depositing gold in that en suite to make it worth €200,000'," he said.

However, he said he and his wife Majella, who were interviewed jointly on the Newstalk show, are delighted with the outcome.

"We have a beautiful home because of him and the builders and everybody who is involved but it was a bit of a shock," Daniel said.


Majella said her husband had a very normal reaction to the renovations going over-budget.

"Do you know what makes me laugh is Dermot comes and he says, 'This is what we're doing and this comes in at €199,000 and 99 pence', me having told him the budget was 200,000. Then they come back later and they say it's €390,000 and then everybody is surprised because Daniel goes 'What?' You know, I mean, twice the price," she said.

However, Daniel stressed they were thrilled with the makeover.

"Ah, but do you know, he was great, he's a great gifted guy, what he created for us is unbelievable, we just love the house and living in it is a pleasure," he said.


Dermot chats to Majella

Dermot chats to Majella

Dermot chats to Majella

The singer also revealed he is recovering well from a recent eye operation.

"It sounds more than it is. It's just laser and I had an implant done because I had one very bad eye."

The couple held a garage sale yesterday to get rid of furniture from their original house to raise money for their Donegal Mind Wellness charity, which was founded by Majella.

"It's to help people in Donegal with stress-control and stress-management, hoping if we give people the tools to deal with stress it might stop it becoming depression or the slippery slope," she said.

Daniel praised his wife for adapting so well to life with him in the public eye, which is very different to her previous life in the hospitality business.

"She has adapted very well to life here in Donegal and the whole life we lead," he said.