Thursday 23 November 2017

Damp squalid flat 'puts my boy's life in danger'

A DUBLIN mum has revealed how she fears for her baby's life if they continue to live in "squalor".

Single mum Leyana Byrne today made a desperate plea to the council to offer her alternative accommodation "for the sake of my baby boy".

The 34-year-old described life in her one-bedroom flat at Ballybough House on Ballybough Road as "a living nightmare" and said that her two-year-old son was getting progressively il ldue to his surroundings.


Leyana's flat suffers from severe dampness -- to such a point where she says she has no option but to leave her windows open 24 hours per day.

And she and her children were forced to flee their home on Monday night when the flat above it was set on fire for the second time in six months.

Leyana told the Herald that her flat was "unbearable".

"If it isn't the extreme dampness which makes our lives hell, it's the huge level of anti-social behaviour," she said.

"We had a lucky escape when we had to flee the apartment when it caught fire and stay with my mother.

"I know everyone has problems. I know there are other people in my boat. But I truly fear for Brody's life unless we live somewhere that is safe and not detrimental to our health."

Leyana produced a series of letters from her local GP as well as Temple Street Hospital which convey the seriousness of Brody's health problems.

Brody (2) suffers from cystic fibrosis and doctors have warned that unless the family is rehoused, his health will continue to be at risk.


And Leyana herself suffers from severe asthma -- worsened by the dampness.

She added: "Nobody should have to live like this. We're begging the city council. I'd be better off living in a hostel than living here."

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said it could not comment on individual cases.


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