Thursday 20 September 2018

Dame Street protesters won't move for St Pat's

OCCUPY Dame Street protesters are refusing to leave their site for the St Patrick's Day festival, despite a request by gardai.

The group, which has been at the Central Bank since October 8 last, says while it would like to cooperate with the gardai on safety issues, it had no plans to leave.

Garda Superintendent Joseph Gannon asked for their assistance and cooperation in removing the camp which was set up in solidarity with other Occupy protests in the US and Europe against economic and social inequality.

The group were asked to move to allow the St Patrick's Day parade to pass off without risk of injury or harm to members of the community and visitors.

Supt Gannon said he was writing "in the context of the ad hoc conversations and consultations we have had with participants in the Occupy Dame Street camp over the last number of months".


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