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Daily journey savings begin for Leap users

Dublin Bus

LEAP Card users have begun benefiting from new discounts introduced by the National Transport Authority (NTA) as it moved to discourage people from paying fares with cash.

The authority last month announced that it had approved fare increases across the board for bus, Luas and train users.

And the Herald revealed how cash fares had rocketed by as much as 63pc since 2011 - despite flat inflation over the period.

As part of the NTA's policy of encouraging commuters to use pre-paid cards, a number of new incentives were also announced, which kicked-in yesterday.


Leap Card users on Dublin Bus, including students, will now receive a €1 discount on a second trip taken within 90 minutes of the original journey.

And a child using the card will receive a 70c reduction on the already lower children's fare rate under the same circumstances.

The NTA plans to include other transport operators on the so-called Leap 90 Discount from next year.

Then it will also apply when transferring from one mode of transport to another, such as from a bus to the Luas.

There are a number of conditions attached to the new structure.

It applies to fares using travel credit only and does not apply to companions sharing a single Leap Card.

Airlink and tour services have also been excluded from the scheme.

"Discounts are being introduced on a promotional basis and may be subject to change," the NTA has said.

Authority chief Gerry Murphy said the scheme was part of a range of new features to make the Leap Card even more attractive.

"Features such as capping, second journey discounting and auto top-up realise the potential of a smart card," he said.

"The goal is a card that does the work for the public transport customer, makes paying for travel simpler and seamless across operators and offers special value to users."

More than 750,000 Leap Cards are now in circulation around the capital.