Friday 17 November 2017

Dad's pain as club officials fought to save Ciaran (20)

THE father of a star Dublin GAA player who collapsed and died during a training session watched in vain as GAA club officials battled to save his life.

The grieving parents of Ciaran Carr (20), from St John's Park in Clondalkin, today paid tribute to their only child who died suddenly on Friday while training for his beloved Round Towers club. Philip and Gemma Carr today told the Herald that everything that could have been done was done to save their son's life.

It is believed popular Ciaran died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

He was participating in an indoor circuit training session at Moyle Park College when he suddenly fell forward and collapsed.

"We got a call on Friday evening around 8pm telling us Ciaran had collapsed, but we thought it was just a knock or something, we weren't that worried," Ciaran's father Philip told the Herald today.

"But when we got to the hall I knew it was serious when I saw the lads working on him," he added.

Ciaran's mother Gemma waited in the car while Philip went to Ciaran, and she watched as a fire brigade and specialist paramedic ambulance arrived.


"One of his pals was trying to reassure me, saying it might be an asthma attack, but Ciaran didn't have asthma," said Gemma.

The ambulance took Ciaran to Tallaght Hospital, with Philip and Gemma following.

"I think we broke every light getting there, and a nurse asked us did we want to be with Ciaran. They worked on him for 15 minutes but there was nothing that could be done," Gemma remembered.

"We were willing his heart to start, but it wasn't to be," she added.

Gemma believes that Ciaran died as soon as he hit the floor during the training.

"Some of the other lads said he just seemed to appear dazed and then slumped on all fours before collapsing," she explained.


Moyle Park College has a defibrillator, and the Round Towers club are well trained in its use and first aid.

"It is of some comfort to us that everything that could be done was done, by the club and the medics," said Philip.

"I saw them working on him myself," he added.

Ciaran had spend Friday morning in Inchicore College where he studied leisure management.

"He had been in the pool for two hours and there wasn't a bother on him. If he was sick we would have known because he would have been complaining," Gemma smiled.

"He rang me and asked if we could play some golf, so we had a sandwich here in the house before we went up to Beechpark in Rathcoole and played six holes," Philip explained.

"Then we came home and Ciaran watched a bit of TV and stretched out on the couch before leaving at half six for training at seven. We got the call at 8pm," he added.

His funeral will be held on Wednesday at the Church of the Immaculate Conception.


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