Sunday 17 December 2017

Dad's fury as firefighter job panel 'is axed'

BLOW: Hopefuls in five-year wait

DUBLIN City Council is to fill firefighter vacancies from within existing staff numbers after scrapping a panel of potential recruits, it has been claimed.

Dublin Fire Brigade, which is funded by the council, will be hit by a raft of retirements at the end of the month.

But any new recruits deemed necessary after February 29 will come from within the local authority, a spokesman for the panel members told the Herald.

Father-of-two Conor Kilroy (33) said he and a group of other fire brigade candidates have now got together to seek a reversal of the decision.

Following a selection process that included rigorous aptitude tests and interviews in 2006 and 2007, a total of 190 out of "many thousands" of applicants were chosen.

Five years later, 83 people have been drawn from this panel and are now in the role.

"Due to the moratorium on recruitment in the public sector, the panel was extended on two occasions, leading us to believe it would be used in full," Mr Kilroy said.

"In this timeframe, there has been no correspondence between DCC... to get information, members had to phone DCC, where we were drip-fed small amounts of non-official information," he added.

However, during his most recent call, he was told the recruitment resource was to be scrapped, said Mr Kilroy, who is from Blanchardstown.

In a statement, he said: "In the past week... I was informed to my utter dismay that after five years of waiting patiently the panel was to be scrapped.

"I have been informed that DCC now intend to fill future vacancies from within other Dublin City Council departments, leaving myself and 100 others completely disregarded."

The council, which hires fire officers through its human resources department, did not comment at the time of going to press.

A fire brigade spokesman said it had not been informed of any move to do away with the panel.


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