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Dad-of-two shot several times at the wheel of van in rush-hour horror


6/3/2019, Garda gather evidence at the scene of a shooting in Blakestown Road, Dublin 15. Picture credit; Damien Eagers / INM

6/3/2019, Garda gather evidence at the scene of a shooting in Blakestown Road, Dublin 15. Picture credit; Damien Eagers / INM

Damien Eagers / INM

Bloodstained clothing at the scene

Bloodstained clothing at the scene

Damien Eagers / INM

6/3/2019, Garda gather evidence at the scene of a shooting in Blakestown Road, Dublin 15. Picture credit; Damien Eagers / INM

A young man was in a serious but stable condition last night after being shot multiple times in a horror rush hour gun attack in west Dublin.

The victim, named locally as Lee Boylan (24), was blasted in his van on the Blakestown Road in Briarswood, Dublin 15, yesterday afternoon.

A gunman approached Mr Boylan at around 5pm as he was sitting in traffic and fired a number of shots into the vehicle, hitting him in the upper body and neck.

The shooter then ran to a waiting silver-coloured BMW 3 Series which was found burnt out a short distance away.

The victim is known to gardai, and his friends have links to a number of organised criminals, including the mob led by drug dealer Mr Flashy.


However, he has no previous convictions, and was being treated last night in Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, for his wounds.

Detectives are investigating if the shooting is connected to an ongoing dispute in the west Dublin area involving some of Mr Boylan's associates and criminals from Finglas.

The Finglas crew has links to Shane Fowler, who died in a crash in the area last May.

However, gardai are following a number of possible mot-ives linked to the shooting, which at this stage is being treated as an attempted murder.

"Associates of this man have been embroiled in a number of serious disputes with serious criminal elements in the Finglas and Blanchardstown areas," a senior source said last night.

Gardai said that despite being from the Corduff area, there was nothing to suggest Mr Boylan was connected to the gun warfare in the area last month which saw four shootings within a few hours.

His most serious brush with the law came in February 2016, when he was caught by customs officers while passing through Dublin Airport with three other men.

They were carrying nearly €20,000 in cash and had one-way tickets to Malaga.

Mr Boylan was caught with €2,500, which was forfeited to the State.

He was travelling with a 24-year-old notorious criminal who cannot be named for legal reasons but is currently serving a lengthy jail sentence.

Members of the Armed Support Unit descended on the Blanchardstown area in the aftermath of yesterday's gun attack, while a helicopter from the Air Support Unit was also deployed.

Mr Boylan's brother, who arrived on the scene, was said to have been "hysterical".

"He kept shouting "My brother has been shot. My brother has been shot," said a local resident.

"I live just around the corner from Blakestown and heard about four very loud gunshots.

"When I came out of my house I saw a large crowd of people surrounding the man, who was bleeding very heavily from the side of his body.

"He wasn't moving, but I heard the paramedics say he was alive."

The resident said the victim was well-known in the area and was the father of two children.

Another local resident told the Herald it was the second shooting in Blakestown in recent months.

"Eric Fowler was fatally shot in December, just up the road from here," the woman said.

"It's ridiculous how bad things are getting. If shootings like this keep happening, it's only a matter of time before an innocent person gets killed."

Just up the road in Saddlers Grove, Mulhuddart, a number of children witnessed a man torching the BMW after yesterday's shooting.


Many more residents in the west Dublin estate saw him fleeing the scene on foot.

"A lot of people came out of their homes because when your man set his car on fire, the horn started blaring," one resident told the Herald.

"We all saw him run out of the estate on foot and many people recorded it on their phones.

"He was a young man wearing a tracksuit, but I couldn't see his face because he had his hood up.

"Two children in this estate got a good look at him setting the car on fire. The guards have since spoken to them and they took statements."