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Dad of two left girlfriend petrified in ‘rat’ threats

A FATHER of two who told his girlfriend she was a “rat” and threatened to kill her for calling the gardai, has been jailed for four months.

Jonathan Yorath (29) held his then partner down as she screamed for help from officers who were knocking on the front door, a court heard.

He then ripped up a safety order she had against him and threw it at the gardai, who pepper-sprayed and arrested him.

Yorath had pleaded not guilty to breaching the safety order at Rossfield Park, Tallaght on February 26 last by putting Shauna Fitzroy in fear.

Judge Michael Coghlan convicted and sentenced him at Dublin District Court.

Ms Fitzroy said Yorath had been putting her through “mental torture”.

After she got the order, he went out drinking, then kept her and their baby awake by playing music loudly on headphones in bed.

She called the gardai and he smashed her phone.

He held her down and said: “You are nothing but a rat, I will kill you.”

Ms Fitzroy was “petrified” and called the gardai outside for help.

She managed to run to the open window and get their attention, saying: “He’s going to strangle me.”

After he threw the ripped-up order at gardai, he told Ms Fitzroy: “F*** off upstairs.”

Yorath claimed he had no previous knowledge of the order. He admitted getting “frustrated” but denied hitting Ms Fitzroy.

Judge Coughlan said the accused “combined drink and violence with very little of a gap”.