Friday 24 November 2017

Dad and son threatened to kill me - garda

A GARDA has told a jury he "feared for his life" after being threatened by a father and son that he would be shot and left in a ditch.

Ian Dutton (48, pictured), of Greenfort Lawns, Clondalkin, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of threats to kill between September 2008 and April 2009.

His son, Graham Dutton (26), of the same address, pleaded not guilty to two counts of threats to kill during the same period.

Detective Garda Stuart Gleeson told Colm O'Briain, prosecuting, that the father and son threatened to have him shot on several occasions.

On day one of the trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, he said the first threat happened after he pulled over a car being driven by Ian Dutton's wife Siobhan and in which Ian Dutton was a passenger.

He said he intended to search the car under the Misuse of Drugs Act during which Duttonbecame very aggressive.

"He became extremely aggressive and began to abuse me. He came within inches of my face and said he was going to have me shot," he said.


Det Garda Gleeson said that Dutton's son, Graham, arrived on the scene from a separate car and said he was going to have him "done".

"He abused me and said I was going to be shot and found in the bottom of a ditch in Kerry," he said.

He told the court that he took the threats "very seriously" because the two men knew details about his personal life including where he lived and what pub he socialised in.

Det Garda Gleeson said that Graham Dutton was able to recite details about his private life, including that he drove a blue Audi A4 and took the N4 via Maynooth to work.

He said he also knew that his girlfriend was a trainee barrister and that his family were involved in the greyhound business.

Det Garda Gleeson told Remy Farrell, defending Graham Dutton, that he could not explain why his notebook only made reference to the threats by Ian and not his son.

He described it as a "mistake" and said he was sure it was both men that made the threats to his life.

Mr Farrell put it to the court that no threats were made against Det Garda Gleeson's life.

The detective denied that the only threats had been to get him fired because of his harassment of the Dutton family.

The trial continues.


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