Monday 20 November 2017

D22 gang chief busted after sawn-off found

A LEADING member of the notorious D22 crime gang was arrested by armed detectives in a major surveillance operation in west Dublin.

The garda's Organised Crime Unit (OCU) arrested Eric Wainsboro (24) in the City West area for the alleged possession of a firearm.

It is understood the gun was to be transferred to another criminal. Wainsboro was in custody in Clondalkin Station until being released yesterday at 2pm.

A file is being prepared on the affair for the DPP.


The criminal was only released from prison in recent weeks after serving a four-year sentence for possession of a 9mm calibre revolver and a serious assault.

Wainsboro was a key member of the gang that was controlled by jailed crime lord Karl Breen -- the so-called 'Champagne killer' is serving a nine-year sentence for the manslaughter of his pal Martin McLaughlin on January 1, 2006, during a cocaine and booze fuelled session at Jurys Croke Park Hotel.

Wainsboro -- who has been a major target for gardai or years -- is a former soldier and champion boxer. However, he paid €300 to buy himself out of service in the army when his abuse of alcohol and cocaine led him to being absent without leave on numerous occasions.

He also had promising career in boxing from the time he was 15 to 18 years old. He competed at a high stage at amateur level and at one time had been the national amateur champion.

Wainsboro, who lived in Swords at the time, was sentenced to four years in October 2009 for possession of the gun on Sarsfield Road, Ballyfermot and assault causing harm to a man on Burgh Quay, Dublin, on dates between May 10, 2007 and August 19, 2008.

He had 20 previous convictions and was not on bail when he was allegedly caught with the revolver.

Gardai stopped a taxi at Ruby Finnegans Pub, on Sarsfield Road after receiving confidential information.

Wainsboro, a back seat passenger in the car, was searched and the unloaded revolver was found hidden in his sock along with four rounds of ammunition in his pocket.


Gardai said that the revolver was a starting gun that had been reconstructed for use as a lethal weapon.

The serious assault that Wainsboro received a two-year concurrent sentence for happened in May 2007.

Sources say that Wainsboro was very close to gang boss Karl Breen who is serving his jail sentence in the Midlands Prison. "He was trusted by Breen and because of his army background, Wainsboro would have a good knowledge of firearms" a source said.

In November, the Herald revealed that Breen was involved in a mini-riot at the Midlands Prison.

Sources say that at its height between 2004 and 2007 Breen's gang were one of the biggest heroin trafficking gangs in Dublin and were linked to at least three gangland murders in the capital.

The 'Infamous D22' gang began to lose serious ground to an equally ruthless rival gang of young hoods throughout late 2008 and early 2009.

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