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D-Day for Government on water

After months of delays, controversy, confusion and protest, the Government has an opportunity today to set the record straight on water charges.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny is to announce a revised water charges regime to the Dail.

This will likely see families pay a reduced €160 a year and individuals €60, a considerable reduction on earlier charges.

The start date for billing has also been put back three months.

These U-turns come on foot of significant public protest about the at times chaotic manner in which the charges have been introduced.

Environment Minister Alan Kelly has rightly owned up to government "mistakes" on this front.

Such mistakes have not only blighted the introduction of water charges, they have unleashed a significant amount of public protest - elements of which have become increasingly militant.

Kenny and his government will respond to this today. Time will tell if the public accepts their plans.

Well done Damien Dempsey.

The musician has been honoured for his role in saving a young man from drowning in a Co Wexford river last June.

Entertaining people is one thing, but saving their lives is quite another. Congrats to Demspsey and all the others honoured yesterday.