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Cystic fibrosis sufferer made disturbing calls

A CYSTIC fibrosis sufferer who made repeated telephone calls to a woman thought that their friendship was "more than platonic", a court heard.

Colm Priestly (28) made 15 phone calls which were of a disturbing nature over a two-day period.

Judge David McHugh imposed a two-month sentence but suspended it for a year.

The defendant, of Beechwood Downs, Huntstown, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to persistently making telephone calls to a young woman last December 15 and 16.

Gda Alan Reddy said a young woman came into Blanchardstown Garda Station on December 18 to complain she had received calls of a disturbing nature from an individual.

The officer said the victim claimed the phone calls were persistent and came from a blocked number.

Gda Reddy made a request for the woman's mobile phone records, and the blocked number was traced to Priestly.


He was later interviewed by gardai and cooperated fully with them.

The court heard Priestly has never been in trouble before.

Defence solicitor Simon Fleming said the defendant had €1,000 in court for the victim as a token of his remorse.

Mr Fleming said Priestly has cystic fibrosis and spends part of each day on a nebuliser.

He receives disability but also works part-time.

He said Priestly realises his behaviour was unacceptable and he is "beyond embarrassed" about it.

The court heard Priestly knew the victim on a platonic basis but "thought it was more than that".

Gda Reddy said the victim was upset about the incident but has fully recovered.

Mr Fleming said Priestly's sister also suffered from cystic fibrosis and had died earlier this year.

He also said the family is heavily involved in fundraising for cystic fibrosis.