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Customs discover €4.5m worth of cannabis in tins

A HUGE cannabis haul, worth an estimated €4.5 million, has been seized after it was found hidden in over 1,000 olive tins at Dublin Port.

The 200-kilo shipment of herbal cannabis was destined for the UK, passing through Ireland. It is believed the drugs were being shipped from Spain.

The drug seizure was the result of a profiling operation, with Customs Officers monitoring the shipment for some time before deciding to search its contents.

The reason given for searching the shipment was down to the documentation, the route it had taken, the weight of the tins and a comparison to previous cargo of a similar description.

The cannabis was discovered concealed within 1,050 catering tins of olives.


A Customs spokeswoman said, "The concealment of the drugs was so sophisticated that the drug smugglers would have had to use a canning factory to stash each of the 200g waterproof parcels in the sealed tins."

Investigations are continuing here with international enquiries ongoing in Spain and the UK.