Saturday 19 January 2019

Cupid Kenny looks for a place in voters' hearts

NOTHING says I love you like an e-card from Fine Gael. Enda 'Cupid' Kenny was today teaching Irish women to be grateful for petrol station flowers -- there is a worse gift.

This Valentine's Day Fine Gael has asked supporters to love-bomb their partners with an email card containing messages like: "Roses are red; Fine Gael are blue; vote for us and we'll love you too."

However, the effort to win the hearts of the electorate appears to have fallen flat with Twitter users describing the cards as "cringe" and "creepy".

Some women were even threatening to dump their significant others if they received one.

Users have a choice of up to five messages each for the man or woman in their life but perhaps Mr Kenny should stick to kissing babies from now on.

"Love is all around me; it's everywhere I go; our policy plans are for you so come on and let us grow," reads one of the messages.

Fine Gael also used the cards to show there is no love lost between themselves and Fianna Fail and Labour.

One love poem says: "Labour are red; Fine Gael are blue; we won't raise your taxes like they want to do."

Another love-hate message reads: "Fine Gael won't break your heart like Fianna Fail broke your bank balance."

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