Friday 15 December 2017

Crunch time as Sky Sports star Rachel Wyse quits crisps for charity

SKY Sports presenter, Rachel Wyse and hospital patient Jaden
SKY Sports presenter, Rachel Wyse and hospital patient Jaden

Sky Sports presenter Rachel Wyse is vowing to give up her guilty pleasure in order to raise money for Crumlin's Childrens Hospital.

The Sky GAA host is hoping to stay away from her favourite brand of crisps for the next month, and is encouraging others to do the same.

Dublin native Wyse (30) will give Tayto crisps a miss in order to raise funds for the hospital, for whom she is now an ambassador alongside rugby international Jonny Sexton.

"Whenever I return home I go straight for the Tayto crisps, so I've decided to give them a miss for a month," she said.


"If people were to give up something as simple as that for a month and donate the money to Crumlin's Children Hospital it would make a real difference," she added.

The presenter described the experience of meeting children and their families as "very humbling".

"It's an area that has always been particularly special for me, even more so since the birth of my godson Charlie," she said.

Meeting some of the patients at the hospital proved an "inspiration" for Irish rugby player Jonny Sexton, who was particularly taken by the patients' positive spirit and courage "despite the health problems they are facing".

The inaugural Give it up for Crumlin campaign was launched in a bid to raise €12m for the hospital and the National Children's Research Centre.


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